Looking for an alternative
to QuickBooks®?

If so, you’ll want to consider the Gravity Software solution!


Built For Growing Businesses…

Gravity Software brings these benefits to you when compared to QuickBooks:

  • Avoids the hassles of single and multi-user mode
  • Built on a rock-solid database – no corrupted files
  • No “out of balance” balance sheet reports – what a novel idea!

More Gravity features for you to consider:

  • Switch between companies/entities with one click
  • Allocate vendor bills by percentage or even across entities on the same screen
  • Field level security

Even more Gravity features…

  • Flexible, segmented chart of accounts to allow for multi-dimensional reporting
  • Editable screen forms
  • Integrated CRM

Built For Easy 24/7 Access And Scalability…

  • Gravity Software is fully web-based, accessible from any web browser (if you really want an on-premise solution, that is also available).
  • In addition, Gravity Software scales as your business scales. Unlike QuickBooks Enterprise, which forces you to jump from 10 users to 30 users (nothing in between), Gravity scales in single user steps.
  • Priced right for growing businesses – $135 per user per month. No long term contracts.

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